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New Features
#MoonShadow2017-04-16 18:56:50
Hi all, sorry for not being active as much. I have added a few new things for you to explore, and to stumble across, either in the village or the forest.
If you encounter and bugs, please do submit a petition, thanks.
Also there is only one city now, this is so that everything is where you want/need it to be.

Referring Players Contest
#MoonShadow2017-02-12 18:32:12
RPDragon is having a refer a player contest! The top 3 players that refer the most friends to RPDragon will win the following prizes.

1st Place: 12000 Gold, 25 Gems, 100 Donator Points & A Custom Name/Title.
2nd Place: 8000 Gold, 15 Gems, 50 Donator Points & A Custom Name
3rd Place: 5000 Gold, 5 Gems & 10 Donator Points.

Visit the Donation Center within the village to get your Referal Link.

Good Luck
RPDragon Management

Happy Traveling
#MoonShadow2017-02-11 19:28:42
You can now travel to different cities, different cities will have different shops and your home city will be where you fight your master, at present they chance of being waylaid is 1%, this is set low so that you are very rarely going to be waylaid as at present they is a bug.
I would like to wish you happy traveling :)

Welcome to RPDragon
#MoonShadow2017-02-01 14:48:43
Welcome to RPDragon, this is the revival of the original rpdragon.com lotgd site, the game is basic as of now and there will be more things to do and explore as i will be adding new content from time to time.

If you encounter any bugs then feel free to submit a petition thanks.

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